WaterWizzard™ Features & Benefits

Compliant Late Charge Fees

Allows you to capture compliant late charge revenues that contribute to your bottom line.

Postage Savings

Postage discounts from automated processing let you create savings up to 22%. In addition to being substantial, these savings provide ongoing, long-term advantages to your bottom line.

Dealership Reporting

This key WaterWizzard™ feature performs all these valuable functions ...

  • Posts key general ledger information.
  • Accounts for deferred contract sales.
  • Itemizes sales tax liability.
  • Monitors benchmarks for multiple areas of key business performance.
  • Reduces accounting fees.
  • Tracks unearned service income.

Advance Dealership Features  

This enhanced reporting system provides you and your managers with vital information that can help improve your organization on a continuous basis. Benefits include...

  • Produces incremental service and rental revenue.
  • Provides savings in delivery costs.
  • Improves collection methods.
  • Measures customer retention and growth.
  • Pays sales staff based on transaction-based commissions.
  • Monitors benchmarks for multiple areas of key business performance.
  • Tracks specific customers information to target new revenue opportunities.

Pre-Sale Consulting, Implementation and Training

The path to WaterWizzard‘ is cleared with Unco’s team of technology and customer support staff that will ...

  • Advise you on technology standards.
  • Recommend and assist with technology implementation.
  • We specialize in standardized, multiple-store implementations.
  • Offer database conversion services.
  • Train employees — on-site or over the Web.
  • Provide special management training.
  • Offer accountant orientation services.


Unique Features & Benefits

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Notable Facts & Stats

WaterWizzard™ reduced month-end processing of 7,000 records from 12-plus hours (on a competitive system) to under 12 minutes! Now, it’s ready to do the same for you.

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