WaterWizzard™ Facts & Stats

  • WaterWizzard™ manages over 355,000 retail customers for its combined database.

  • WaterWizzard™ saves clients over $110,000 in annual direct cumulative postage by taking advantage of post office discounts.

  • WaterWizzard™ processes over 1,000,000 delivery transactions and over 109,000 service call transactions for its clients on an annual basis.

  • WaterWizzard™ prints over 1,500,000 statements and invoices annually, of which, 1,300,000 are mailed directly to customers.

  • WaterWizzard™ manages the automatic creation and mailing of over 90,000 customer delinquent notices each year.

Unique Features & Benefits

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Notable Facts & Stats

WaterWizzard™ reduced month-end processing of 7,000 records from 12-plus hours (on a competitive system) to under 12 minutes! Now, it’s ready to do the same for you.

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